Monday, January 24, 2011

"What the Hell" took so long? Avril's new video is finally here and it rocks!!!!!

After nearly four years Avril Lavigne has finally given us a new video! OK, she did do a video for her song “Alice,” but it wasn’t from a studio album, so it’s not the same thing.
Lavigne’s first video, “Complicated” came out in 2002 and solidified her as a fun-loving, mischievous rocker chick who does as she pleases. The video was brilliant in its simplicity as it showed her and her band mates running amok in a shopping mall. Her next video was for “Sk8er Boi” (arguably her best song) and in this she drew the attention of the police when she staged an illegal concert on a busy street. In several of her videos she is causing harmless trouble and is up to something, but always with a wink instead of a sneer.

One might say the video for “What the Hell,” the first single from Lavigne’s upcoming album due March 8, is a return to form. Except it’s not because in order to return, there must first be a departure and throughout her 9-year career, Lavigne remains consistent. Well, there is one significant change. When “What the Hell” begins, Lavigne is in bed and rises to give the viewer a look of her svelte figure in adorned with lingerie. Yes, that’s right. The girl who typically only shows skin on the beach or in the pages of “Maxim” is leaving less to the imagination in her video. Lavigne is an outspoken vegetarian and it evidently works wonders for her. Animal-rights activists may want to pass this video along because it’s likely to encourage others to give up meat and switch to tofu and veggies!

She then spends the video evading the guy whom she woke up next to while stopping to enjoy some much-deserved mischief. She stops to shoot hoops with some dudes on a basketball court and tries on clothes and accessories in a store. Toward the end of the video she takes the stage at a club and gives the crowd a raucous performance complete with air kicks. Lavigne’s boundless energy, cutesy facial expressions and pink-streaked hair combine with her kick-ass song to make “What the Hell” one of her best-ever videos.

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